The Success Story

Pallav Ojha, a remarkable individual, embodies the essence of perseverance and ambition. Rising from humble beginnings, he embarked on a journey of exploration, crafting his destiny as an entrepreneur, and a visionary business mogul. It was through his audacious experiments with resort, holiday, and travel wear styles that he carved a unique niche for himself.

In 2015, Pallav orchestrated a breathtaking spectacle that captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts across India. He introduced the India Beach Fashion Week, an extraordinary platform that celebrated the fusion of beachwear and high fashion. 

 But Pallav's journey did not end there. In 2018, he unveiled his brainchild, Como Collective, a testament to his unwavering dedication and unwavering pursuit of excellence. As a graduate of the esteemed National Institute of Fashion Technology, Pallav's expertise and profound understanding of the industry served as the driving force behind the success of Como Collective.